Everything You Should Know About General Insurance Claims


The word ‘general’ is often used as a replacement for the expression of ‘nothing special’. However, it is a term used to express the act of putting everything into one. Life is a journey through time with risks and rewards. Because there are so many parts to a person’s life, there are so many dangers inherent in each of them. It is a basic instinct to avoid any danger related to any part of life. Inspired by this idea, insurance providers offer general insurance policies.

If you do not enjoy taking risks as a part of enjoying the thrill of life, general insurance is your best friend. It allows you to deal with dangers related to different parts of life. This may include your home, health, business, etc.

Understanding general insurance

By its definition in the field of insurance, anything other than life insurance falls under general insurance. To be precise, there are two types of insurance policies. The first is a life insurance policy. It will cover your family in case of your death. Another is general insurance, an umbrella term used to describe any other type of insurance. For example, your coverage for your home against fire is included under general insurance.

In general insurance, you have a fixed payout in the event of a claim. This payment is called sum assured. Depending on the type of general insurance you are purchasing, the policy will cover treatment/repair costs or the cost of replacing the property covered under the policy. However, you should know that there are different rules for different types of general insurance. The premium you pay for a general insurance policy depends on the type of policy you have purchased, and the amount of insurance specified therein.

It is imperative to purchase certain types of general insurance policies as they may cover your liabilities towards another person. However, even for the optional ones, it is recommended that you have insurance for it if you have valuable property. The biggest reason for this is that your property or belongings are hard earned. Such earnings should be protected from various dangers in life. * Standard T&C Apply

General insurance claim process

Here is the general insurance claim process –

  • The policyholder must notify the insurance company of the loss or damage.
  • The insurer should tell the policyholder what to do next.
  • If the policyholder does not provide everything they requested in relation to the loss or damage, their assessment may be delayed.
  • The surveyor must report damage or loss to the insurance company within 30 days.

* Standard T&C Apply

Why is it important to know about general insurance claims?

Firstly, the terms and conditions surrounding general insurance claims depend on the insurance provider you select. Hence, the real focus of the topic is to understand general insurance. Doing so can help you make better buying decisions and make managing general policies easier. To understand general insurance, you must be aware of its every aspect. This includes knowing what is general insurance, how it works, and the process of making claims among many other things. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.