How to get a new electricity connection in Tamil Nadu


Electricity is one of the most important utilities of our life. For an uninterrupted power supply, you must pay the electricity bill payment each month. But getting a power supply to your house can be a hectic process if you do not know the rules and procedures. This article will bring you all the details to help you get an electric supply in Tamil Nadu without any hassle.

The first thing you’ll need to do is, apply for a connection. Either you can visit the electric office to apply in person, or you can apply online. Below, all the online and offline application steps are mentioned for your easy understanding;

Application process

  • First, you need to visit the nearest electricity office for offline application.
  • Then, you have to meet the Assistant engineer of the electricity office and discuss your requirements with him.
  • In this meeting, several necessary arrangements will be discussed. The engineer will state the connection requirements, building construction, chargeable fees, required documents, and deposit rules.
  • Next, you have to collect the application form from the office.
  • After filling in all the details, the applicant has to attach the necessary documents for submission.
  • Then all your documents will be verified, and a quotation will be generated.
  • Next, the technicians will visit your place for inspection, and they will select the location for placing the electric pole.
  • Then, you have to get a meter and place it in an accessible part of your house for hassle-free inspection.
  • When everything is done, you need to pay a fixed amount for your connection.
  • After the payment, the authority will include your premises under their electric supply. The electricity meter will be fixed when all the wiring of your house is done and tested.
  • Then, an engineer will visit your place for inspection.
  • Now, the suppliers will be notified, and you will get a smooth electric supply.

For an online application, you need to visit the official portal of Tamilnadu electric suppliers. There you can fill the form and submit all documents online. The great thing about this website is, you can also make online NBPDCL bill payment here. So, you do not need to rush to the electric office for monthly bill payments.

For Tamil Nadu electricity bill paymentyou can also use Airtel Payments Bank. This is one of the most reliable and safe websites for online transactions. Apart from electricity bills, you can also pay gas bills, phone bills, DTH bills, water bills, and many others using this bank.

If you want to make your TNEB online payment, just visit their official website and click on the electricity bills payment option. You will be asked to give your consumer ID and service provider details. After providing all details, you can make the payment digitally. After successful payment, you will get an E-receipt.

Thus, by following these simple steps, you can complete your TNEB bill payment online. So, use Airtel Payments bank and pay all your bills safely.