How to transfer money from USA to businesses in India


If you are looking for the best & convenient way to transfer money from USA to India for business reasons, you may have to consider many options for money transfers.

However, it can be time consuming to look for different money transfer companies and compare their foreign exchange rates and features. This article features about one of the best remittance services offering  USA to India money transfers – Money2India.

Make online money transfers to business accounts with Money2India

Money2India earlier catered only to remittance needs of Individual users for family maintenance, repayment of loans, NRE/NRO account transfers, business payments etc. Now, you can also use Money2India to pay for your business to India-based service providers, vendors or individuals. So, both individuals as well as businesses can make business payments to India with Money2India. However, an Individual cannot make payments on behalf of a business because individuals and businesses are treated as different entities. So, in case you want to make remittances both as an individual and as a business, you are required to maintain two separate accounts.

Money2India provides you many benefits when you do a transfer money from USA to India as a business. It offers

  1. Simple, convenient and fully online transaction platform that offers competitive, locked-in exchanges rates.
  2. Online KYC that has minimal documentation.
  3. Any bank account in USA to any bank account in India transfers.
  4. Option to schedule money transfers for a future date
  5. Support from offices in New York, California and Texas.

How to transfer money from USA to India using Money2India?

Follow the below-mentioned five easy steps to send money from USA to India through Money2India:

  1. If you are a first-time user, complete the registration and upload relevant documents.
  2. Enter the remittance amount you wish to send to India.
  3. Add a new recipient, which can be a business entity or an individual as per your requirement. You can even choose from recipient list if it is already added earlier.
  4. Add your Funding (USA) bank account details, if you are doing it for first time. Existing users can just select from an already-added list of bank accounts
  5. Confirm the transaction and pay for the money transfer

To send money to an Indian bank account from the U.S., you need to have the basic details of the recipient ready like name and address of the account holder, bank account number, and Swift code, BIC code or routing number before initiation of transfer