How to use the home loan EMI calculator


What is a home loan? A home loan is a secured type of loan that helps people to handle the process of buying a home and paying the borrowed amount in EMI.

You can easily avail of home loans from banks that take your property as collateral. A home loan EMI calculator is an online tool that helps you to calculate the home loan EMI and helps you to take an informed decision.

A way in which the home loan EMI calculator works

A home loan EMI calculator is an online tool that helps you to evaluate the loan EMI, home loan interest rate in India, and total loan amount. You have to place some inputs to calculate EMI in this tool.

  1. Borrowed amount

The loan amount that you need to borrow from the bank to buy the home

  1. Loan tenure

The amortization period for the home loan repayment that you take from the bank or lender after taking the loan amount.

  1. Interest rate

The interest rate a lender charges on your home loan amount is known as the home loan interest rate in India.

Once you input the above values into the home loan EMI calculator, it will show you EMI, total interest, and repayment amount. After seeing the results in the calculator, you can also change the inputs conveniently and get new EMI results.

A way to use the EMI calculator

A home loan EMI calculator is an online and convenient tool for calculating the EMI. Here are the simple steps to use the online home loan EMI calculator.

  • First, you have to choose the EMI calculator, as many options are available in the home loan EMI calculator.
  • Enter the loan amount on the calculator that you want to borrow from a lender
  • Enter the repayment time and home loan interest rate in India levied by the lender.
  • After inputting these values, the calculator instantly shows you the EMI results.
  • After that, if you want to change the values, you can easily change them and get the new EMI results, payable amount, and levied interest rate on the home loan.

Pros of home loan EMI calculator

  • The home loan EMI calculator is a useful tool that helps you to manage your home finance better by giving you an idea of home loan interest rates in India, EMI, and payable amount on the home loan.
  • It saves your efforts as well as time which often involves manual calculations.
  • There is only a need to enter a few inputs to get the instant EMI results
  • The home loan EMI calculator helps you to avail the best deals on the finances for your new home
  • The best fact is that the EMI calculator helps you to decide the loan tenure based on repayment ability.
  • It is easy to determine the repayment ability based on your monthly expenses, income, and savings.

Owning the dream home is a significant event in people’s life. They often take home loans to make the process convenient. If you also decide to avail of a home loan, you should be aware of how to use a home loan EMI calculator.