Read to Know What a Short-Term Loan Is


At times, initiating any new business hinges on the difficulty of acquiring adequate funds to begin your business operations. Despite thorough budgeting and analysis, perfectly designed financial strategies can also fail.

In such situations, entrepreneurs often resort to conventional loans for financial help. However, there are better solutions than a traditional loan in many situations. During such a situation, exploring and applying for short term easy loans option becomes an alternative option worth considering.

What are short-term loans?

As per the Corporate Financial Institute, a short-term loan addresses temporary personal or business capital requirements. It swiftly offers funds during cash flow gaps, with short-term repayment durations compared to standard loans.

It is particularly attractive for those who want to start small businesses and are ineligible for bank credit lines. For such candidates, short-term loans provide a remedy for unexpected financial challenges.

Those with a lower credit score may have certain limitations to get loans. However, credit lines offered by short-term loans can be a practical means to ease their sudden and short-lived financial difficulties.

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Pros and cons of short-term loans


  1. Your chances of subsequently being approved for a larger, longer-term loan increase significantly if you have already started the repayment phase and have a successful and established track record.
  2. Because short-term loans have smaller loan amounts, the lending criteria are typically more lenient, making it simpler to get accepted. The time required for funding your loan and approval is also much shorter.
  3. Short-term loans usually require repayment within six to eighteen months, allowing you to settle the loan in about a year. This flexibility is beneficial, particularly when seeking funds for emergencies, freeing you to focus on other matters afterward.


  1. The overall interest rate cost is one of the biggest drawbacks of short-term loans. Lenders may charge higher rates for working capital loans as the loan period will be shorter than other loans, counterbalancing the additional risk.
  2. In addition, short-term loans could become debt traps if you need additional loans to keep up with your loan repayment schedule.

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