The Psychology Of Money: Your Mindset & Financial Success


Have you ever heard of the phrase, your mindset decides your financial success? While we attempt to decode the gravity behind its meaning, some individuals with their personal finance advisor are multiplying their financial wealth and living their financial goals by understanding & implementing the above sentence. We often linger in the perception that having multiple income streams or a profound understanding of finance would lead us to financial independence. However, the basis of every successful financial plan depends largely on our financial habits and our mindset toward money.

A rich mindset over money invites opportunities and high-scale financial goals, while the opposite only pushes away the leagues one could have reached otherwise. This ultimately affects an individual’s financial habits, disrupting the flow of the financial steps taken. Hence, it is wise to have financial planning post careful consideration and evaluation of your financial mindset and habits toward finance. From spending, perception toward savings, investments, and patience, these factors largely influence and determine the success of your financial plan.

The Elements

It begs the question, what type of money mindset should one aim for? Before hopping onto the roots of financial personality and availing of the services of a financial planner, it is crucial to acknowledge the relationship with money. Right from the prompt actions taken based on emotions to the rooted beliefs centred around money, every element of rewiring accounts for greater success in achieving financial wellness. Below are a few pointers that speak wavelength on these aspects.

  1. Personal Finance

Would you incline toward spending or investing? The percentage of income you funnel toward investments or savings would derive a conclusion of your mindset toward money. Accordingly, based on your choices, all the financial experts can formulate a well-suited plan and offer guidance on the next steps. Emotions play a huge role in how one access their finances, especially impulsive buying, which is regretted later. An ideal financial advisory platform can help you analyse such patterns and help you to alter your mindset on personal finance.

  1. Investments

Investing is one of the widely favoured segments by the masses. However, several individuals opt for the generic financial plan their financial advisors offer that disregards their financial personality. Ultimately, individuals fail to see the expected results as their psychology toward money is different from what their core financial plan is about. The investment strategy is more effective upon knowing your actions and thinking patterns before putting all your eggs in any basket.

  1. Altering Your Mindset With An Advisor

It is difficult to acclaim the financial goals we yearn for with a mindset that speaks otherwise. However, with the helping hands of any financial advisory institution, an individual can overcome their traditional perspective toward money and harbour a new outlook. Right from timely reviews to unbiased guidance, a financial advisor would stand every step of the way with you to actualise your financial goals and the financial independence you crave.


Changing your psychology toward money can be a difficult road; however, supplementing your efforts with the expertise of well-known financial advisory institutions, such as 1 Finance, can be a game-changer. Hailed for its unbiased advice and hyper-personalised financial plan, they carefully evaluate the financial personality of their users with their patented assessment tool called MoneySignTM. This tool helps them understand their own personality and guides them on the suitability of financial products. Further, the framework is designed to be a recommendation-cum-warning system that covers all the facets of personal finance – asset allocation, expense & liability management and emergency planning.