These Covers Can Make Your Travel Policy an Ideal Choice


Travel, by far, can be the most relaxing and enjoyable time with your family or friends. An unforeseen event might just make it an exhausting and dreadful trip, but travel insurance comes to your rescue in such cases. Most providers offer many coverage options with travel insurance. Bajaj Allianz travel insurance is known to offer better coverage at a lower premium.

Let’s examine some of the most common travel insurance coverages in case you get into a tight spot:

  1. Medical emergencies: If you get sick while travelling abroad, your insurance company can cover the costs as long as they are within the scope of your policy.

In a health-related emergency, some of the most common medical benefits cover costs like diagnosis, treatment, hospitalisation, surgeon’s fees, and COVID-19-related treatment costs. *

  1. Changes in travel plans: When you have to change your travel plans last minute, it’s usually something out of your control. Some benefits that can be used in these situations are flight cancellation, trip interruption, and trip extension. *
  1. Loss of passport and other essential things: Losing a passport is the worst thing that can happen when travelling. Luckily, insurance companies in India know this and would cover you if your passport is lost or stolen while travelling. The good news is that your travel insurance plan can help you get a new passport and pay for it.

Many insurance companies would cover the loss of your luggage, wallet, and other valuables, so you won’t be stuck abroad. In a situation like this, you can quickly get help from your insurance company and claim the right amount of money.

But first, check to confirm if your travel insurance is valid. If your travel insurance has just lapsed, then remember that most policy renewals, like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance renewal, can be done online. *

  1. Personal liability: You can get into a difficult situation abroad if you accidentally hurt or damage someone or their property. If you hurt someone or damage their property, you may have to pay them money to make up for it.

Most travel insurance plans cover you in these kinds of legal emergencies and help you pay for the compensation you need based on the terms of your policy. *

  1. Evacuation & repatriation: This can be one of the worst things happening to you or your loved ones. Being hospitalised might be challenging, but if your doctor thinks you need to be flown back to India, it would be very expensive. Several travel insurance plans also cover evacuations due to things like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and so on.

Repatriation of remains may be a sad thing that can happen when a traveller breathes their last, and their body has to be taken back to their home country. The whole process is heartbreaking and expensive, especially for the family who has just lost a loved one. Most travel insurance plans in India cover evacuations and returns to your home country. *

  1. Other urgent needs: Different trip insurance plans are often easy to tell apart by their benefits. Even though not all insurance companies offer these, they are still easy to find, and you can buy travel insurance based on your requirement for your next trip. *


* Standard T&C Apply

The benefits of travel insurance include coverage of a wide range of emergencies, such as a sudden worsening of your health condition, a security breach at home, or the theft of your expensive gadgets.

Check out Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policies today to understand how they can protect you and your family from all the unsafe circumstances during your travel.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.