What Induces the Changes You See in Mortgage Rates?


When you plan to buy a house with the help of financing, the final cost may differ due to various factors working together. One of the factors that influence house loan rates is the mortgage rate. If you are still confused, you should know that a low mortgage rate means lower loan repayment every month. While borrowers would like to have a low-interest rate, the story is completely different for the lenders. They have to cover up for any mishap through the interest rates. Therefore, they would prefer higher interest rate that would cushion the risk factors.

The multiple factors that impact the mortgage rates somehow reflect the demand and supply rules. However, these important factors may help you understand why you are paying the number of interest rates at present or how it might turn out in a different situation.

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The economic growth of a country or state is a desirable development for its welfare. But it may not be good news for mortgage rates. With economic growth indicators like GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and employment rate, there is a change in wages and consumption rate. When the consumer strength multiplies, there is an increasing demand for mortgage loans for buying houses. This demands further shoots up the mortgage rate.

In contrast, when the demand for home loans falls due to low employment rates and wages, the mortgage rate is also bound to decrease.

Economic Forecasts

You must know that the economy goes through a cycle of growth and decline. The experts predict the upcoming economic condition through various studies with the help of different tools. On a short-term and long-term basis, the interest rate may change following the growth trend. Therefore, the lenders change their mortgage rates to adjust to the approaching situations.

Fiscal Policy

Every government plans the budget for a fixed period. They may introduce various economic policies which directly or indirectly impact the interest rates. The rate of interest is inversely proportional to the supply of money by the government. The more money circulates in the market there is a chance of a decrease in interest rate too. On the other hand, when the money supply reduces, the interest rate tends to go up.

Rate of Federal Funds

The banks and monetary institutions get a loan from each other at a rate. When this rate increases, the banks try to adjust the mortgage rate to get a stable profit rate. So, you may have to pay for loans with higher mortgage rates.

The Housing Market Condition

The situation of the housing market also affects the mortgage rate to rise and fall. The increase in material cost of building houses, availability of rented apartments, and declining purchasing power of the consumer would lower the mortgage rates. The market condition, thus, heavily influences the interest rates at which the lenders give loans.

Bond Market

Mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) are investment products of banks and various other investment companies. People can earn a considerable amount from these debt securities. When you earn from government and corporate bonds, it impacts the MBSs’ yields. The lenders would decide the mortgage rates keeping the bond market in mind. They have to achieve enough yields for MBSs to get competitive in the debt security market.


Apart from all these external determinants, the borrower’s personal credit history or credit score would determine how much interest you may have to pay. To get an accurate quote, you have to get a more personalized understanding of your financial situation and compliance with other requirements. There are many underlying factors that you may not understand while applying for a loan. You should always check with your advisor for more detailed information so that you remain on the same page as the lender and make no mistake.